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Frequency Spectrum Guidelines

Need guidance? You might want to start reading the simple guidelines below.

All you really want to do is to be able to hear a frequency that you like or don't like and be able to identify which range it falls in in the table below. If you can do that, you're golden in terms of EQ speed and skill. -- Jared H.

Frequency Spectrum table
Region NameFrequency Range
Sub-Bass20 Hz - 60 Hz
Bass60 Hz - 250 Hz
Low Mids250 Hz - 500 Hz
Midrange500 Hz - 2 kHz
Upper Mids2 Khz - 4 kHz
Presence4 kHz - 6 kHz
Brilliance6 kHz - 20 kHz
Leger Note

For more information read the original article EQ Cheat Sheet? Frequency Charts for Mixing Hurt More Than Help! from Leger Note.

Neptuny Equalizer

Neptuny Equalizer is a custom audio/video player with the following features:

  • Equalizer
  • Real time visualization of frequencies and waveforms
  • Volume
  • Stereo Panner
  • Compressor
  • Custom controls

No local audio files are uploaded to a server, they stay on the client side.

This application is created by Sherwin Pirs. Special thanks go to James Opie for the awesome synthwave music track Motion Blur, which is used as default demo.